What is Psychotherapy and is it different to counselling?

Why Counselling/therapy?

Sometimes we can feel overwhelmed or overburdened and struggle to see a way forward.  If you are looking at this website, you have taken the first step towards finding support at a difficult time.  

You may be struggling with something happening right now, a recent loss or life change can feel overwhelming. You may be feeling familiar emotions you have experienced in the past, or perhaps you don't know why you are feeling this way.  At times like this, personal relationships may feel difficult or day to day routines can feel more than we can manage.

Whatever is going on for you, one to one psychotherapeutic counselling can offer you a supportive, confidential space to explore your thoughts and feelings.   For many people it is the first time they have been completely listened to, and this in itself can help shift perspective or feelings about a situation.  Those who participate in therapy often gain a new way of relating to themselves, others and the world around them.

This non-judgemental space aims to give you support to address your concerns safely, enabling a deeper understanding of yourself and increased confidence, helping you to find your own solutions.  It can also help you find acceptance and love for the person you are.  By developing your natural curiosity and self awareness, an on-going resilience and optimism for the future can be gained and maintained.

In the words of one client: "I never once felt judged and I think this is what put me at ease and helped me to open up" 

What's the difference between counselling and Psychotherapy?

Counselling is often considered to be support for someone while they face a current issue,  helping someone manage their emotions whilst going through a particular loss, break up or challenge.  Psychotherapy has a deeper level of training that helps the client recognise the messages and rules they have received in early life and past experiences, that have influenced and formed the person we have become.  I am a trained Psychotherapist who can help you explore these unconscious "rules for living" and core beliefs and values, often to help make peace with the past and come to love and respect the person you are now.  

Having said that, I believe most people come to counselling because of a situation they are experiencing at the moment and so our starting point will always be what feels most important for you to share right now.  For that reason the title Counsellor or Psychotherapist isn't important, I believe we are always working with both what you are feeling right now and noticing the the links this has with times you have felt like this in the past.